•   Authentic
  •   Cut With Perfection
  •   Accurate Specifications
  •   Full Colour Spectrum
  •   Harmonious Clarity
  •   On Demand Availability


A full colour spectrum ranging from graded colour tones to fulfil the most demanding designs.



Finest quality natural coloured emeralds are crafted to the ideal specifications. Machine cut technology with digital precision of computerised controls is used to attain perfection.



Emeralds are graded to the harmonious colour, clarity, size and shape within narrow persistent tolerances and are designed to fit into standard settings. They are also used in watch and jewellery mesh setting equipment.


Our Products

No Shape Sizes Image
1 Round Diamond Cut[ 8/8, 24/16, 32/24 ] 0.60 mm to 5.00 mm
2 Square Princess Cut 1.00 mm to 2.50 mm
3 Marquise Cut 4*2 mm and up
4 Baguettes 2*1 mm and up
5 Emerald/Single Stone On Demand

There are some basic pointers that are considered while cutting procedures :

  Rough’s depth of colour



Emerald crystal cutting is mostly a difficult procedure requiring accuracy and some related characteristics are :

  A cut has to be designed in such a manner so that the fracture’s effect on the finished stone should be minimum.

  As the nature of the gemstone is brittle, so , cut has to be done in accordance with protection against cutting, polish, setting and careless wear.

  Colour has prime importance so cut should maximize the effect of hue, saturation and tone.

  Sometimes the colour tone is more intense on the surface as compared to the beneath layers so careful cut is required.


Grade Description Image
S1 Very good colour, lustre and none/insignificant inclusions, loop clean
S2 Very good colour, lustre and small inclusions
S3 Very good colour, lustre, noticeable inclusions, eye clean
S4 Very good colour, medium lustre, significant noticeable inclusions
S5 Good colour, less lustre, more significant inclusions


Step 1 : Rough


Step 2 : Cutting


Step 3 : Post Cutting

Post Cutting

Step 4 : Dopim


Step 5 : Polishing


Step 6 : Final Stone

Final Stone

Step 7 : Sorting and Measuring Process

Sorting and Measuring Process